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Digital presence has become important today as it supports achieving your business goals. With the internet taking over almost every business sector, it is essential to make your business stand out for your company’s growth. Having a solid online presence is essential for businesses as it allows your customers to identify your brand and engage with your products.

Ewaantech specializes in building well-designed Custom Web Application Development which will make your brand presence appealing and engaging. We offer innovative customized solutions that will cater to the unique demands of your customers and boost your business ROI.

What is a Custom Web Application?

Custom web apps are designed to capture, process, and store data. The two most common web applications are shopping carts and login forms. Custom web application development is to design and build unique web apps tailor-made to your specific business needs.

Ewaantech’s custom web development service ensures the delivery of exclusive functionality to help streamline workflow making your business shine and stand apart from others. We offer quick delivery of web apps, websites, and web portals that reflect your business processes.

Get Custom Web Application Development Service customized for Online Presence

Developing a web application for your business needs can be a daunting task, however, partnering with a reliable company like Ewaantech will help you stay on top of the game. We make sure your online presence is attractive and engaging. We use the most popular programming languages and most advanced frameworks that will drive your sales growth.

Our scalable web applications run on the cloud and provide enhanced capabilities. So, whether you want to increase your online presence, improve customer experience, or build brand credibility, our team at Ewaantech is here to help you with that.

Custom Web App Development Process

We have gathered experience creating numerous custom web applications. We have got meticulous processes in place to make sure we’ll meet your expectations and create a robust web app.

Discovery and Planning

Our Business Analysts examine your business requirements, processes, and budget that will help them to implement it into your web development project.

Architecture Prototyping

We have skilled software engineers who will ensure that architecture prototyping incorporates important use cases on a given architecture framework that will guide further development.

UX/UI Design

We create wireframes to show you the look and feel of your app. To provide a great user experience on both mobile and desktop devices we implement the best design strategy. We apply the best practices for building web software, to deliver a top-notch web app catered to your business.

Quality Testing

Our team of QA Specialists ensures your application performs efficiently and can handle peak loads of data and usage. We guarantee to make sure your app is bug-free and works perfectly

Web App Deployment

Once we make sure your web app runs smoothly, it’s ready to be deployed, and go live. Now the users can enjoy their experience with it and benefit from its functionality.

Ewaantech’s approach to developing high-quality custom web apps

We develop custom web applications that are user-friendly and can be customized to make things easier for businesses. However, we follow a few principles to provide you with powerful and efficient solutions:

• We make sure every custom web application is developed with unique features that go in hand with the requirements of our client.

• We use the most efficient frameworks and technologies to build cutting-edge solutions that can be integrated with any API of your choice.

• All of the web applications we create provide responsive custom interfaces that are created keeping in mind the target audience and their needs.

• We ensure custom web application is mobile-friendly and cloud-hosted for better usability.

It is critical to have a strong online presence to cope with today’s competitive environment. Custom web application development will add an edge to your organization and is one of the best solutions for your business to achieve an online presence.

If you are looking for custom web application development for your business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, then connect with the best Web design company in Dubai now!



Website and Web Applications are primary keys for any business to generate revenue and hence, take it to new heights. The full-fledged expert team of web & app developers in Riyadh utilizes all latest technologies as well as digital platforms to leverage your business.

Building a dynamic and robust web application will not make much difference, thus we customize your website as per your or customers demand.




The figure of 5 billion mobile users is going to cross in the coming year. This is the time put the thinking cap on and start building a responsive design for a website. App developers make a one-size-fits design for all devices to enhance the user experience with high visual effect.

Make your content flow smooth and systematic across all devices taking care of design, fonts, graphics and SEO Technicalities. Our App Developers team in Jeddah focuses on developing the flawless website and Mobile Apps without compromising in functionalities.




Everyday lakhs of people steps into the world of Online Business, but unfortunately only a few out of them succeed. The reason is lack of strategy, market research and expertise.

To leverage your business and promote it across the world, the top online business consultants are there to help you out right from setting up business, building full proved strategies and driving out targeted ROI. If you want to boost up revenue of your existing business or start your new business, we give the best solution.




Adding content to your website you can connect, communicate, and convert customers. Nowadays, just adding engaging content is not enough, hence the content team of Ewaantech writes unique-fresh and SEO friendly content.

The content written by our team will help to drive organic traffic and improve SERP rank of your website. In content services, we also include the translation services like English to Arabic, English to Chinese and English to other languages depending upon clients demand.




User-Interface and User Experience are two elements for any website to hold audiences and convert them into customers. The skill Graphic Designers team along with Developers in Jeddah makes your website seamless and simplifies the accessibility.

While preparing any website to improve the User interface we consider many factors like Visual effects, feasibility, information about architectures, functionality and usability. This point ensures to make your website innovative, interactive and ideal.




With our dedicated team of experts, we ensure that we help 24*7 and all days of the week with any sort of technical and another kind of issues you face. Our support team will understand your problem and work on the solution promptly.

Well trained and technically sound support team to give the exact solution without wasting much time and energy of clients. We ensure that your business will run without any technical glitches and make a great profit.




We understand the value of personal touch and with our content management system integration, we help you. You can personally able to add or remove any visual or textual content on your websites like any special offer or any blog post without the intervention of any technical person’s assistance.

Integrating all activities of content like editing, publishing and modifying will be done from one centralized interface. Therefore, it will save time, money and manual efforts.




Everyone business needs a smooth and effective communication with their customers. With our latest and advanced technology, we can help you to deliver a web application which enhances your performance and helps you to develop a better communication system with your customers.

The developers in Riyadh understand your business needs and based on that design a custom web application according to your business needs.




Websites bugs can arise at any point time, and to ensure minimum faults our Professional Web Support team continuously take necessary steps. Moreover, you can reach to our web support team easily to report the error and get it fixed within a short time period.

We have designed and customized our services to improve the gap between our clients and the professional web support team.




Images speak a lot than text. Since we believe in this concept so we emphasize using professional photography services. Considering the niche of your product or services we use unique and premium images on the website.

As per the client’s demand, we outsource and purchase the best quality images to make your website world class. To stay ahead of your competitors why to only use the latest technologies and strategies, images on the website can play a crucial role to attract customers.


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